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Everything you need to know. Find some more answer to your questions about KJUS in our FAQ section.

Where does the name KJUS come from?

KJUS goes back to a common idea of Swiss entrepreneur Didi Serena and the Norwegian ski champion Lasse Kjus. Serena later founded the company under the name KJUS.

Where are the company’s roots / its headquarters?

After all these years we’re incredibly proud to still be a Swiss family-run business selling its products all over the world. Our headquarters are in Huenenberg, Switzerland.

What makes the KJUS products stand out?

We craft bold, highly innovative, premium sportswear, which enhances performance even at the most professional level. Most of our products are made from fabrics and material that we developed exclusively.

In what countries are KJUS products sold?
How do I find a store where your products are sold?
I am the owner of a sporting goods / fashion store and would like to include KJUS in my product range. Who should I contact?
How long does the warranty on your products last?

We believe our garments can be pushed to the limit and last, which is why they’re covered by two years of warranty.

What should I do if I have a complaint about a KJUS product?

Please visit the retailer you purchased the item from. Make sure you clean the item before you bring it in and keep the receipt. The retailer will send the item to our dedicated repair service where an expert will inspect it. They aim to have it back with you within two weeks. If you purchased the item on our KJUS online shop, please contact onlineshop@kjus.com (for Europe) or onlineorders.na@kjus.com (for America)

Where can I get cleaning instructions for my KJUS product?

Instructions for each material are generally sewn into every product. You can also find extensive information on our current collection on this website.

How can I tell that I have a genuine KJUS product? What are the differences between a genuine product and an imitation?

Authentic KJUS products are sold by our retailers listed here or on www.atlbbqclub.com.

While copying might be the highest form of flattery we are disappointed to hear about online shops who sell fake KJUS gear at very low prices. These are counterfeit products, which are of a very low quality. We have also found schemes by suppliers of product fakes in China and Eastern Europe that offer KJUS gear in exchange for advance payments. Be warned that often once advance payment is made no garment is delivered at all. 

To guard yourself against fraudulent products or sale schemes only buy KJUS from authorized online sources and retailers.

How do I determine the size I need when I buy clothes from KJUS?