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seela potion infinie's results

After 1st Application Self-assessment of 38 men and women aged 22-73 took part in this survey.

Immediate firming & tightening of skin
Cream absorbed instantly
Overall improvement to complexion

After 1st Week Self-assessment of 38 men and women aged 22-73 took part in this survey.

Skin looks radiant & smooth
Skin feels more hydrated
Improved fine lines & wrinkles


On first application you will notice an immediate tightening and firming effect on your skin. la potion infinie?will deliver hydration without the shine, will?make your complexion look more even, whilst feeling super soft. You may feel that your skin is not being moisturised adequately because the cream does not leave an oily film on the surface. This is because?la potion infinie?hydrates in a different way by delivering hydration to cutaneous intercellular space without leaving an oily film on the surface of your skin.

Long-term results

With regular use, you may notice a number of improvements in your skin - clearer and cleaner complexion with fewer spots and blemishes, resulting in a more luminous and even skin tone - balancing of moisture levels, by hydrating dry and regulating oily skin - calming of minor skin inflammation and redness - reduction of fine lines and wrinkles due to its ability to increase tissue regeneration and assist in the production of collagen and elastin.

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