Unique & Powerful Skincare

What we believe and our Ethos

Free from animal testing Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Sustainable Sourcing Natural and Organic Ingredients Handmade UK packaging Pyschology of Beauty
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There is a kind of magic that unfolds when science meets poetry,?and since they met it has been a voyage?of discovery.

  • INTEGRITY?We believe in truth and strive to deliver skincare with great integrity.?From natural origins and scientific minds, we?seek only the finest ingredients and mix the most magical potions that emit the timeless strength of silver to?break gender and age boundaries ~ delivering a sensory and physical experience designed for skin.
  • BEAUTY & BALANCE Holding philosophical traits of the feminine persuasion while demonstrating the power of masculine energy, we believe?beauty comes from within, and in?our daily pursuit of balance, invite you to experience the physical and nurture the spiritual through all of our archetypes ~ 12 BECOME 1.
  • PASSION We continue our quest to?la maison, No.47 rue de la lune infinie ~ the heart and mind of ARgENTUM.?A?place of excellence, where passionate souls become one, to contribute, enhance and enrich ~ with integrity, beauty and love... nourishing our souls and senses through unique and powerful skincare.
  • LOVE & MAGIC?The psychology of beauty is at the heart of ARgENTUM. From our archetypes' messages, to the discovery of beauty within, we are drawn to the magic of love at first sight, and have infused the moment you fall in love ~ across a crowded room ~ in every aspect of our skincare.
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